Reviews About Debbie



"My wife and I use to go to Cancun at least once a year. We bought a couple of Yokies 3 years ago and have not gone to Cancun since. The wife did not want to leave them with somebody we didn't know. I thought our vacationing days were over until we found Debbie online. My wife of course thought all of Debbie's reviews were to good to be true but agreed to meet her. Thank the good lord for that! We had her sit our house and dogs for a weekend and everything went perfect. She arrived when scheduled, texted my wife quite a bit the first evening and even included some pics and a video of our doggies playing (kind of made my wife upset knowing they were having fun while we were gone). She is everything we could have hoped for and more. I feel like I've gotten a part of my life back and can travel again knowing we have Debbie to watch our precious dogs while we are away. We have already planned another trip. I cannot say enough good things about Debbie! Cannot thank her enough!"
~ Harvey E.
"Debbie looked after my 9 year old rabbit. He runs around the house free and is litter boxed trained. I was away for a week and came home to a happy bunny. The cage was clean and everything was in order. She did a wonderful job and kept in full contact with me. Thank you!"
~ Valerie G.
"I hired Debbie to watch my elderly Australian Sheppard, Maia while I took a much needed vacation to Orlando, Florida. Debbie is sweet, kind, gentle and responsible. She genuinely loves the pets she watches over and goes above and beyond any expectations you might have in a pet/house sitter. I would not only hire her again should the need arise, but would recommend her highly! Thank you Debbie for watching over my house and my beloved pet. You're the best. :)"
~ Tricia N.
"Debbie has been the best pet sitter I've ever hired for my poodles. They are sweet, spoiled, and one of them was quite elderly. She took awesome care of all of them but especially my 15 yr old Prancer. She sent daily updates and photos of my poodles so I could relax and truly enjoy my 3 weeks in Venice. The only problem is she is so popular amongst pet owners you need to arrange for her well in advance. Thanks Debbie for an awesome job."
~ Candy A.
"We have been using Debbie for at least 8 years and not only do our animals (2 bunnies and 2 dogs) absolutely love her, but we also find her to be very dependable and reliable. We can count on her for taking great care of our animals and our house so that all our vacations are completely stress free. We have even planned some vacations around her schedule! Debbie is a gem!"
~ Sharon S.
"If Debbie isn't available, I change my vacation dates! That's how much I value her extraordinary pet and house sitting services! Not only does she lovingly care for my 2 dogs and cats, she feeds and talks to my chickens, llamas and rescued pig! Debbie makes sure my house is neat as a pin upon my arrival back home, the litter box has been cleaned and even the shavings in the chicken coop are fresh! The added bonus of her skills acquired as a Vet Tech have been put into play on several occasions. I can not speak highly enough of Debbie Fish! I really don't know what I would do without her - just stay home forever, I guess!"
~ Nancy M.
"Debbie has been house/pet sitting for me for a couple of years. Whether it is for a weekend or for more than a week, I know I do not have to worry about my 2 dogs, 2 cats or my house. The words I would use to describe Debbie is loving, caring, professional, knowledgable, honest, reliable, dependable, etc. Obviously, Debbie's care of my pets and house have really impressed me.

I say Debbie is knowledgeable because she has made several suggestions for how I could better care for my pets - about food choices, diet supplements, etc.

Loving and caring - even my standoffish cat likes her!!

I have recommended Debbie to several of my friends."